How it works

Harmonize is a turnkey solution that brings supreme simplicity to patients and providers. In the backend, our platform integrates complex inputs to provide comprehensive remote care for multiple comorbidities.


We empower medical staff to comprehensively triage alerts and health signals

True remote care requires a clear funnel between raw patient context to long term health outcomes, and involves complex chains of information handoff along the way.

Our platform provides the decision support, visibility, and accountability to ensure all medical staff are able to handle remote care with maximum efficiency.

See how it works:

Why it works for patients

We specialize in removing learning curves of complex technologies.

Our technology handles complex device operations with one single touch and no setup required. Over 90% of our user base is able to use our technology in a fully unassisted manner.

We proudly serve patients who have never grown up with technology and represent the highest-risk of demographics.

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Why it works for healthcare providers

We are a collective platform that simplifies information triage.

Our platform “harmonizes” the inputs and stakeholders of remote care and funnels them towards actionable outcomes. Here’s how it works:

1. We integrate analytics to identify patient deterioration trends and guide medical staff through asynchronous alert triage at scale.

2. Our platform augments patient context and classifiers to generate up to 90%+ reduction in false alerts while maintaining full true alert sensitivity.

3. We facilitate escalations to care providers based on the following criteria:

Low Level

Behavioral Health

Alerts escalated to in-house coaches and/or health coaches on our platform

Medium Level

Home Health

Alerts escalated to home health services & third party providers on our platform

High Level

Primary Care Provider

Alerts escalated to patients’ primary care providers

Timely interventions leading to real results

We pave the path from raw data to better health outcomes.

We know care providers want clear, actionable guidance when it comes to patient interventions.

That’s why our platform takes care of all the integration and triaging, then generates simple, powerful information with which medical staff can make decisions in minutes.

After an intervention, our platform tracks patient progress and provides analysis and insights to sustain better health outcomes.

Join the Harmonize platform

For monitoring solutions

Partnering with Harmonize will help you assess vitals data efficacy and provide a direct conduit to patient outcomes.

For health analytics services

Harmonize connects you to our curated network of service providers, which create care pathways to justify your algorithms.

For care providers

Whether you are a medical group, health coach, or even home health service, we provide timely context to maximize your efficacy.