How it works

Our platform harmonizes stakeholders across remote patient monitoring and chronic care management, uniting them to provide remote care for patients with multiple comorbidities.


We facilitate interventional care for high risk patients

David Patient

David, 75

Harmonize patient. He lives alone. David has Diabetes, CHF, COPD, Hypertension, and A. Fib.

He runs a high risk of incurring expensive hospital admits.

Through the Harmonize platform

  1. David gets up and running on the system easily, even though he’s not a tech savvy user
  2. A vocational nurse on the platform sees that last week’s medication change has caused David’s blood pressure to rise
  3. A task is created in the EHR for David’s PCP to titrate his blood pressure medication – this prevents a potential ICU visit in the near future
  4. A health coach notices that David hasn’t had a flu shot and can’t get out to get one
  5. He orders a flu shot through the platform from a third-party vendor, who administers the vaccine at David’s home – this prevents him from getting the flu and a potential COPD exacerbation

See how our platform works:

Our platform brings guidance and automation to patient engagement, technology integration, and information triage


Frictionless interface to maximize adherence


Personalized combos for each patient


Patient-specific packages for deterioration detection


Broad spectrum ranging from medication reconciliation to EMT visits

Health Outcomes

Lower utilization costs and more savings

Why it works for patients

Our system is usable by patients who are unfamiliar with technology, with more than 90% of our user base operating in a fully unassisted manner

One Touch Startup

  • No setup required
  • One button starts measurements
  • Use easily on existing smart devices or Harmonize custom tablet

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • System guides patients through measurements and troubleshoots
  • Automated reminders keep patients on track

Connects with High-Tech & High-Touch

  • New or replacement sensors work right out of the box
  • Platform connects patients to health coaches and high-touch services

See why patients love our platform:

Why it works for healthcare providers

Our platform “harmonizes” many complex stakeholders across patient monitoring and chronic care management

Alert Classifiers

We integrate analytics to identify patient deterioration trends. Our classifiers adapt to each patient’s unique trends, and provide up to 30%+ reduction in false alerts over publicly documented best evidence medicine.

Triage Guidance

We shine in complex case management – our guided workflow system enables smooth patient handoffs among medical staff without information loss, with up to 90+% reduction in triage overhead.

Resource Optimization at Scale

Our CRM technology enables teams to operate at 1:200+ staff-to-patient ratios, and empowers lower level medical staff to perform triage typically reserved for much more seasoned expertise.

Low Level

Behavioral Health

Alerts escalated to in-house coaches and/or health coaches on our platform

Medium Level

Home Health

Alerts escalated to home health services & third party providers on our platform

High Level

Primary Care Provider

Alerts escalated to patients’ primary care providers

Timely Interventions Powered by Data

We do the heavy lifting so care providers don’t have to

We know care providers are busy and just want to know when they need to intervene.

That’s why our platform takes care of all the integration and triaging, then generates simple, powerful information with which medical staff can make decisions in minutes.

After an intervention, our platform tracks patient progress and provides analysis and insights to sustain better health outcomes.

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