Backend Developer


At Harmonize, our engineering team specializes in integrating complex medical technologies (sensors/IoT, analytics vendors, and high-touch services) and presenting them in simple interfaces for medical staff – many of whom are unfamiliar with operating advanced technologies.
We are looking for a backend developer who will be responsible for our APIs which interface with our mobile apps and our dashboards.


● Create standard Restful APIs
● Define API models
● Define Database models
● Communicate with other teams about breaking changes
● Maintain code quality


● Advanced understanding of SQL
● Proficient understanding of Node.js
● Ability to cooperate with others
● Ability to fight for and explain their own ideas
● Willingness to learn new ways of doing things


● You have strong preferences towards a certain tool or technology and have multiple reasons why you prefer it that way
● You understand pros/cons of Typescript vs Javascript
● You know NestJs or any other dependency injection framework


San Mateo, CA


Send your resume to