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The Harmonize Solution

We simplify technology implementation & clinical triage

Medical technology vendors can deliver powerful data to support remote care. But gathering and analyzing that data for timely interventions can be challenging.

Our platform integrates technologies across the remote care spectrum and triages their data for you. We then trigger the right interventions, significantly improving your patients’ health outcomes.

See the Harmonize experience:

We cover the entire remote care spectrum

Simplified patient experience

• Smooth patient interface guides usage and troubleshooting

• Frictionless setup for any combination of patient facing technologies

• Gamification to optimize engagement and retention

Amplified information triage

• Data ingestion from stakeholders across the entire remote care pathway

• Guidance system to interpret, process, and route information

• Eliminates information loss and manual integration needs

Data driven interventions

• Patient context automatically routed to the right care providers

• Easily digestible reports enable decisions in minutes

• Adaptive analytics for each patient’s unique needs

We empower effective management of patients with multiple comorbidities


Decrease average HbA1c by 0.5% in potential patients with type 2 diabetes. |1|


Reduce potential ER visits or hospitalizations for COPD exacerbations by 20% |2|


Reduce potential all-cause 1-month readmission rate by 25% in high-risk patients |3|


Increase patient awareness, detection, and monitoring of hypertension


Increase patient awareness, detection, and monitoring of tachycardia

Alert management at scale

With the Harmonize platform, you can reduce potential overhead by more than 90% while increasing patient engagement.

  • 90+% Patient adherence rate
  • 90+% Information triage workload reduction
  • 40+% Healthcare utilization cost reduction

Case study

‘We’ve seen a greater than 50% reduction in hospitalizations and more than 60% reduction in emergency room visits.’

Steven D Evans, MD
Sr. Medical Director, Utilization Management

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