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Decrease average HbA1c by 0.5% in patients with type 2 diabetes. |1|


Reduction in ER visits or hospitalizations for COPD exacerbations by 20% |2|


Reduce all-cause 1-month readmission rate by 25% in high-risk patients |3|


Increase patient awareness, detection, and monitoring of hypertension


Increase patient awareness, detection, and monitoring of tachycardia

Population health in a box

Population health solutions require integration of many complex processes. We take care of all the technological overhead needed to create these solutions and bring them right to the homes of patients.

Remote patient monitoring simplified

Harmonize's patient-facing platform is designed to operate out of the box with no setup or pairing required. Our one-button, once-a-day interface has been validated among the highest risk of patients - many of whom did not grow up with technology.

Alert triaging on a population health scale

Harmonize ensures that no alert is missed. All vitals that lead to potential episodes will automatically be handled and escalated to appropriate caregivers, with sophisticated AI in place to reduce false positives.

Digital therapeutics and interventions

Harmonize ensures that service providers can provide interventions without changing their existing day-to-day. We do all of the investigatory heavy lifting in order to provide data-driven reports to providers, allowing them to make interventional decisions within minutes.

Our mission is tomake complex care management simple and effective for both patients and providers

Tired of using multiple apps and dashboards for each of your patient services? We provide a one-stop-shop for all of your outcome service providers, ranging from emergency patient responses to home health coaching.

  • 90%+ Adherence rate
  • 40%+ Total healthcare cost reduction
  • Simple turnkey solution with minimal utilization effort

Highly customized and adaptable

Personalization, flexibility, and scalability – without the overhead of complex medical systems.

We know the importance of customization. Doctors, health coaches, service providers, and payers all have different preferences for viewing patient outcomes. 

We provide tailored dashboards, thresholds, reports, and analytics for every one of our partners. Our adaptive platform caters to the specific needs of all customers – providing the missing link between technology and medical care.

Case study

``The efficiencies achieved through Harmonize will make the care of our sickest patients far superior to what it was before.``

Steven D Evans, MD Medical Director, HealthCare Partners Nevada

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See how Harmonize can reduce hospitalization and readmission of your high-risk patient demographic, improve outcomes, and dramatically decrease total healthcare costs as a result.